Bodybuilding is one of the sports that has seen the greatest rise in the last years. Just a decade ago, only a very few and small percent of people on the world were training bodybuilding. But it soon became a worldwide phenomenon. They results seen from it are great and people enjoy doing it. But as with other sports, there are people who do not want to take the long road. There are always people who want to take shortcuts and achieve success in a shorter interval of time and with a smaller amount of dedication than their colleagues and peers. The two most used products that are associated with this issue are steroids and synthol.

This video shows a guy with huge muscles boasting in front of his friends. Although his muscles are big, they are ugly because they are not natural; they are artificially grown. The guy on the video apparently uses synthol because the muscles are very disproportional and he is not strong either. His biceps is so big that the forehand and the hand seem as if they were baby in front of the biceps. The arm is abnormally grown to a level that causes him problems while moving his hands. The guy, however, seems to be enjoying the big muscles he has gained from synthol, without putting any effort at training at all.

But when did this ugly and distasteful thing become a phenomenon on our world? Do these people see themselves on mirror to understand what they have done to their body? Don’t they understand that what is big in their muscles is not muscle but it is actually artificial synthol which will cause problems sooner or later? It seems that they don’t care. But years after, when they want to remove the excess “muscle,” they will hit a problem, putting synthol in muscle is much easier than removing it. They leave a permanent scar.


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