Bodybuilder Saves Dude From a Brutal Ass-Kicking !

Bodybuilder Saves Dude From a Brutal Ass-Kicking !


It’s a great morning and the sun is nice and cheery, perfect for strolling and hanging around in the park. A bodybuilder in a muscle-fitting grey shirt flexes a few well-trained muscles here and there to start things off in the video. He is accompanied by another person, and then an incident starts and changes their pleasant outdoors experience into a situation that may prove to be a life-and-death crisis for a youngster.

The video shows four to five people in a group, and it is easy to assume that they are all friends. They are all wearing casual shirts and jerseys, probably on the way to the gym or a sports arena on a bright, beautiful day. Their things and some of their stuff are lying on the ground, and at the start of the video we can assume that it is theirs. We will get to know later the dude out among the five people who would get a brutal smacking that had the possibility of escalating, until the brave bodybuilder intervened.

Here we see that things are not what they seem. A white guy in a black shirt and a black beanie looks like he is confronting a black guy in a white shirt and black sports shorts, and the black guy shows like he is being threatened when he makes angry gestures and preens up for a fight. They both are discussing something animatedly while two white guys in white shirts stand between them. To an outsider or a casual passer-by, it still does look like a fight between friends that are both preening and responding to verbal tirades and insults. The bodybuilder and his companion continue to film the scene.

They pick up their things scattered on the grass, and it seems to have deescalated, with the white guy and black guy making a few more comments, their distance to each other growing. The black guy in the white shirt must have hit a nerve because the white guy in the black shirt comes over suddenly and it looks like a fight will be starting soon. The two or three other guys perk up, sensing a fight about to begin. The bodybuilder and his companion can sense it as well, and started throwing warning shouts to the group.

Then it happens- the white guy in black beanie shoves the tall, thin guy and the tall one immediately retaliate. The bodybuilder takes immediate action and runs over to the group to stop the fight and prevent the guy in the black beanie get a severe smackdown. The heavy person takes down the assailant to the ground, and they then team up in kicking and punching the guy to the ground. In 00:45, the muscled bodybuilder runs over and diffuse the fight with his presence alone. It must have become clear to the bodybuilder in what the whole scenario was, as he started chasing the group out of the park, leaving the white guy in the black beanie to continue picking up his stuff from the ground.

It is a day of victory! The bodybuilder flexes his muscles and smiles in the ending shots of the video.


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