Crazy Little Kid Beats a Big Guy in arm wrestle!

Crazy Little Kid Beats a Big Guy in arm wrestle!


When it comes to arm wrestle, there are things which matter more than the visual muscles. Proof is in the following video where we can see 2 guys fighting for the supreme victory. Each of them is determined to win; however, not both of them are equal in terms of weight and muscles. First guy is called Paul J, has a weight of 280lb and looks very solid. He won 46 matches and lost 0 till this one. His challenger is Frankie J, a guy with 176lbs weight and with unknown history in terms of matches won. However, in this video he does the impossible – he defeats Paul J!

Moreover, Frankie even makes fun of Paul, asking him if that is all he can do and if he even lifts. Arm wrestle was depicted as a sport for the strong ones (ferro braccio in Italy, bras de fer in France, etc.)

Shapes in arm wrestle were frequently encountered since ancient times all over the world.

A picture of what appears to be an arm wrestling contest was discovered in an Egyptian tomb dating from approx. Before 2000 AD.

Sport is based on a modern American game. In fact, often called Indian wrestling (Fighting Indian) border guards being practiced in the nineteenth century and the twentieth century children.

Apart from what has become known as arm wrestle there is some other form of “Indian wrestling”. In one of these samples opponents stand face to face, standing with the glued outer soles and palms firm grip. The objective is to make the opponent to lose balance.

In arm wrestling, which has now become a leading international sport, opponents face each standing at a special table. They do socket or right arm or left arm, depending on the category, with elbows in contact with special surface (pad) each during the game trying to force the opponent’s arm to descend into the lower surface of the table.

Arm wrestling contest proved to be a semi-popular in high schools and colleges in the US mid-twentieth century, was also a competition practiced mainly in American bars (“tavern sport”).

Back to this video, we can see that position is also very important in arm wrestle. The smaller guys stands very close to the table and is pretty much focused throughout the match, and this gives him an exponential advantage. Paul relied on his skills and didn’t pay much attention to hand position or his adversary, hence the reason why he’s been easily defeated.


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