The Strongest Man in the World VS Rich Piana



When you see a title that says “The Strongest Man in the World VS. Rich Piana”, you might expect some sort of competition, probably a test of strength or something. Rich Piana, with his truck proudly emblazoned with the 5% logo (nutrition), goes head to head against another truck that the World’s Strongest Man comes out of. They stare each other down in a classic face-off and…do a handshake. Thus starts the inspiring, motivational and truly insightful talk about weight lifting and the world of bodybuilding.

A flashback video in black and white shows the Strongest Man in the World in his finest moment, doing 750 to break the world record. Pan back to the two guys in the gym, and they discuss how weightlifting was all about being the biggest back in the good old days. The conversation transitions to how both Rich and the world’s strongest were able to carve a successful career in doing something that they were truly passionate about, even in face of pressure, with people telling them that lifting weights is not a job and that they should just take regular, everyday jobs.

They also talk about how age is not a factor in breaking world records, as Rich is going on 44 while his companion is going on 45, and along that road conquered and held 64 world records in the weightlifting books. A glimpse of the early times shows how simpler it was, competing against who was the biggest then, almost weighing themselves against the scales, and lifting the plates. Rich Piana’s companion also provides an insight that lifting is not all about being big- it is about building the best and biggest kind of muscle where it matters. We also learn that the world’s strongest also had his share of difficulties and challenges to hurdle. In his case, his hips were the biggest concern, but was eventually able to overcome them.


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