This challenge is pointless and kind of dangerous



A teenager is dead after doing internet trend, “the condom challenge”. 17 year old Ashley Vandergoff had been following a trend that she saw on YouTube and social media when she and a friend, 16 Amber Wallace, decided to do the challenge. The condom challenge calls for the participant to put a condom, meant to cover a male penis, over their entire head.
While Wallace filmed, Ashley Vandergoff attempted the challenge by stretching a condom over her entire head. “I thought is was just a game. I had no idea she would die” says Amber Wallace. According to Wallace, when Vandergoff began the challenge, she immediately began waiving her hands for help. Wallace then tried to pull the condom off her head while Vandergoff was losing oxygen. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the condom, Wallace called for an ambulance but it was too late. Ashley Vandergoff died before paramedics arrived. The cause of death was asphyxiation and drowning- Vandergoff’s lungs were filled with a toxic lubricant.

It has beeb reported that no adults were present when the condom challenge took place. Local news stations have reached out to the Vandergoff family but they have declined to comment on the death of Ashley Vandergoff.


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