Female Soldier Shows Her True Grit

The men and women in our armed forces protect us from threats both foreign and domestic but have you ever thought about how mentally tough these soldiers are ? In the video we are going to see a female soldier demonstrate just how much “grit” she really has after completing one of the most difficult sections of basic training. Throughout the entire video she falls down, her body decimated from the sheer exhaustion but she gets up and continues moving forward.

With each step she is getting one step closer to her ultimate goal, the entire battalion is cheering her on and just when you think she cannot take anymore she continues to press on even though her body is at the brink of collapse. We are truly fortunate to have such people defending the freedoms we hold so dear, the next time you see an individual in uniform remember how much they have to endure to wear that uniform and you will appreciate their contribution to society even more.


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