This Is What Really Happens When Bears And People Meet

Most Hollywood movies depict bears as fearless monsters that will attack people without hesitation and eat them but that is not the case in this video. We see a person and bear meeting face to face, during this encounter both the bear and person turn around and start walking away from one another as quickly as possible. This video shows us that the bear is actually timid and non-threatening. The video looks like a practical joke but it is real and scary, imagine if it was a small child meeting up with the bear instead of an adult man.

Individuals who are thinking about going outside and “looking” for bears should think twice. While this bear ran away another bear could try to attack the person. Bears are known for their speed and strength so if on tries to catch you it will and could kill you or those around you. It is highly recommended to carry bear spray when heading outside in areas where bears are known to walk around. This spray is a non-lethal way to chase the bear away before it does damage to property and people.


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