Watch Russian daredevil’s death-defying stunt

Watch Russian daredevil’s death-defying stunt

Your Heart Will Be In Your Mouth Watching This
These guys are officially nuts

Whether you’re comfortable with heights or not, the guys in this video will make you nervous. Nervous as in completely taking your breath away! Even though your feet are firmly on the ground and you are probably sitting in a totally safe and comfortable chair, you feel like you are going to fall.

You know when you dream that you are falling – it is a bit like that.


Disclaimer alert! The guys in the video don’t actually fall, thankfully. We still think they are nuts though.

They are Russians who can justifiably also be referred to as daredevils. The video is shot point-of-view style on the top of very tall buildings as they run, jump and walk precariously close to the edge. They even do forward tumbles.

But for these guys the edge wasn’t close enough – they actually go over it on a couple of occasions.

How they didn’t fall while they were filming we don’t know, and watching them made us dizzy.

But huge respect to them. They scared us half to death, but it was great fun watching. And we can’t wait for more.


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