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Firstoread.com is an exciting content website that offers a broad range of entertainment videos, news, education and information concerning bodybuilding, health and beauty plus much more. The site is increasingly gaining traction in the entertainment circles as one of the best platforms for unique and creative material. Firstoread.com aims at becoming the leading content and entertainment behemoth as it expands its features. Let’s have a much closer look at what this revolutionary website has to offer.

Funny Videos

There are literary tons of hilarious, rib cracking videos on firstoread.com that will leave you gasping for breath. These videos are from different parts and comprise of people who make for very great footage. Whether it’s sports, real life or just people going about their daily activities, it is no doubt that firstoread.com has the funniest videos of them all. Simply visit Firstoread.com and watch clips such as that of a gorgeous girl riding a bike in a bikini with the GoPro camera on backwards. You have to admit, this makes for one exciting video as the girl rides away with the camera focused on her chest.

Other funny clips include a cocky and overconfident boxer who is all show but no go. The fighter brags about how he will decimate the opponent, only to go down in the first round! Very funny material right there.

News and Entertainment Videos

Unlike other entertainment sites, firstoread.com offers the latest and most sought after news touching on various topics of interest. As opposed to the boring news that we always hear in broadcasts, this particular website shines the light on news that you would otherwise not get to enjoy. Here, you can get information on a little girl who shot her instructor dead during a gun lesson and cops who unleash their dog on a criminal. Make sure you visit the website to find out which professional female fighter likes to have loads of sex before a fight. You can also get informed on exactly how many girls the magnificent boxer Mike Tyson sleeps with on a daily basis.

Education News

Firstoread.com is at the forefront of promoting education and related information. This makes it the best website to consult on all your education needs and queries. You can gain access to information on facilities such as The University of Wisconsin, American public University, Keller Graduate School of Management, University of Phoenix as wee as information on other leading education institutions. Any student looking to enroll in a higher learning institution needs to visit Firstoread.com/category/education and get clued up on the numerous courses available in universities countrywide.

Health and Beauty

As always, looking your very best is a must. Firstoread offers amazing beauty tips on all types of sectors. You can find plenty of beauty hacks that will have you at the top of your game at all times.

Health is a very crucial aspect of everyone’s life. This is why the website has incredible insight on critical health issues that may prove useful to you. Visit Firstoread.com/category/health-beauty/ and watch how a young boy’s life was saved from cancer by a Smartphone camera.

Automotive Videos

Whether its videos on vehicle specifications or common misconceptions about cars, firstoread has it all, plus much more. You can gain access to videos that will show you how car thieves can hack your cars computer easy as pie.


Firstoread.com is a haven for the sports enthusiast, especially when it comes to mixed martial arts. Would you like to watch how a frail and skinny dude turned into a goliath of a man? Well then, visit Firstoread.com/category/bodybuilding/ and see this plus much more. There is also a guy who knocks out his opponent in less than a second as well as the champion, Brock Lesnar doing his thing! How crazy is that?

Firstoread.com is the ultimate hub for all your entertainment needs. Make sure you visit the site today and find out why millions are getting hooked to the content.